Monday, September 17, 2007

Great Vegetarian/Vegan in the Big Apple

This will just be a quick post...

Many of you already know that I am almost a vegan (vegetarian + nothing from a cow, see D'Adamo's book if you want more info on this). My wife and I were in NYC last month and had a chance to have a few meals with a few pseudo-vegetarian friends of ours.

I have two restaurants I want to recommend:

First, is Candle 79. The food was excellent although pricey. It was nice to be able to eat anything on the menu! There was a wide variety of different choices... all the way through desert, including Soy Ice Cream (yum!). My wife isn't a vegetarian, but she enjoyed the meal as well.

Second, is Teany. This is a tiny little restaurant, but the food was great. They have a kitchen the size of a postage stamp, but they are still able to turn out all kinds of vegetarian meals, coffees and teas. This is a good lunch spot.

If you are in Manhattan sometime, check them out!

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