Monday, February 28, 2011

The Verizon iPhone

I recently posted about a Windows Phone 7 device that I have had the joy of carrying around. It's a demo unit, but it has been loads of fun. There was one major drawback, though, and that was lack of CDMA network support... which means "No Verizon". As I understand it, there are plans for that... however, my network is Verizon.

The Windows Phone 7 is on T-Mobile. I have been carrying around both phones. In my experience, Verizon has been far superior in getting the phone to work.

However, this was not meant to be a post about that. I want to just focus on my new Verizon phone... the iPhone 4.

In short, the phone is excellent. Having worked with previous iPhones, everything is as it should be... except, I can make calls on it consistently. When I carried around an AT&T iPhone as a demo, it was great and fun to play with, except that I couldn't count on it when I really needed to, to be a phone.

I also pay for the tethering package from Verizon. This allows me to use the phone as a 3G modem if I am in a hotel and they want me to pay $15 for internet access per day. Tethering is integrated nicely into the iPhone.

In short... the Verizon iPhone is an iPhone that also works as a phone consistently.

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